How to Host a Flower Arranging Party

It’s hard not to notice one of nature’s most beautiful and unique creations all around us:




Don’t all those flowers make you want to celebrate?


Maybe you have a big event coming up, and you’re tired of the same, worn out party theme ideas. Who wants to do another painting party or another tea party?


If you are celebrating a birthday, a wedding shower, or you’re simply itching for a fun girl’s night, this unique party idea is sure to please.


If you’re ready to be the “hostess with the mostest” and wow your guests, then keep reading to learn how to host a flower arranging party.

Wait: Why Host A Flower Arranging Party?

We know, it’s a wild idea. But you want to be unique, right?


A flower arranging party is the perfect solution to make sure your party is unforgettable. Plus, flower arranging fits so many different occasions!


Flower arranging parties are wonderful all kinds of occasions, such as:


  • Birthdays
  • Wedding showers
  • Bachelorette parties
  • Engagement parties


Flower arranging is even perfect for a fun soiree with your girlfriends! No matter what your reason to celebrate, your flower arranging party will be a hit!


Furthermore, flower arranging parties are very social and interactive. No need to worry about empty silences or awkward transitions. We all know those are every hostess’s worst nightmare!


Your guests will enjoy the visual pleasure of your flower arranging party. You’ll hear that classic iPhone camera shutter noise every few minutes. Facebook and Instagram will be buzzing with the floral activity from your party!


Not to mention, all your guests will have a beautiful party favor to take home with them.


Yes, the perks of hosting a flower arranging party are plentiful. Now let’s get started!


How to Host a Flower Arranging Party

Step 1: Planning Your Party

We’re willing to bet that this party isn’t your first rodeo. You’ve hosted plenty of parties and get togethers; you cross your t’s and dot your i’s, you make lists, you plan.


You’re going to make this flower arranging party a success!


It’s likely that you already know the occasion you’re celebrating. So, the first thing you should decide is the location you want to host your flower arranging party at.


If you have a nice-sized home, will you keep the party around your kitchen and dining area? Do you have a breezy porch, deck, or backyard to use? Hosting a flower arranging party outdoors gets you closer to nature, immersing you in the experience even further.


With that being said, you might want to use a venue other than your home. You could rent a private room at your favorite brunch spot, or find a botanical garden in your area.


Of course, you also need to know how many guests you plan to host. You wouldn’t want to overcrowd your home with too many people, or rent an outside space with too few.


You should also decide if you will have catered appetizers and lunch, or will you prepare snacks yourself?

To recap, here’s a bullet point list for planning your flower arranging party:

  • What’s your occasion?
  • How many guests will you host?
  • Where will the party be at?
  • Will you prepare food, or cater?
  • What date and time will the party be?

The final step of planning arrives when you’re ready to send invitations! You can mail cute invitations, or you can create a Facebook event and invite your guests online. Don’t you love social media?


Step 2: Gather Your Supplies

In our opinion, the hard part is out of the way. Ordering your flower arranging party supplies from FloraVina will be one of the most fun parts of your party prep!



We’ll start with the most obvious supply first: Flowers.


We purchase fresh flowers every week from the world’s best growers. We pick and pack them for pick up (if you are in South Florida) otherwise we ship them all Federal Express overnight to ensure maximum freshness.


It’s helpful to have a color palette in mind of 4-5 colors at most. That will help you choose an assortment of flowers that will look great together.


Here is a sample of some flowers we have used in the past that may be include in your flower party DIY kit:


  • Tulips
  • Bellflowers
  • Hydrangeas
  • Cosmos
  • Carnations
  • Germini
  • Garden roses
  • Sunflowers
  • Peonies
  • Fern fronts
  • Ranunculus
  • Hosta leaves
  • Baby’s breath
  • Blooming branches


We will include a good mix of focus flowers, accent flowers, and filler flowers or fauna.


Creative Vase Ideas

Each DIY Kit includes the container for your flower arrangement. No need to stress. We have a few creative suggestions for vases for your flower arranging party!


Other Flower Arranging Supplies

Besides your flowers, there are a few other flower arranging supplies you will need. These include flower foam, flower frogs, floral tape, and a few pairs of sturdy scissors or clippers. We include all supplies in your DIY Kit.


To recap, here’s a partial list of items that may be included in your specific DIY Kit depending on the time of year.

  • Vases
  • Flower foam
  • Flower frogs
  • Floral tape
  • Sturdy scissors/shears/clippers
  • Disposable Aprons

Party Extras

If you’re like us, you want to go all out when you host your flower arranging party. Here are a few items that will take your celebration to the next level:

  • Individual placemats
  • Decorative champagne or wine glasses
  • Name cards for guests
  • Sturdy boxes for guests to transport their arrangements home
  • Other decorating supplies, like buttons, twine, or ribbon

Step 3: Be The Hostess with the Mostest!

The time to host your flower arranging party has arrived! We can only imagine how excited you are.

Our biggest piece of advice is preparing as much as you can ahead of time. Prepping helps free you up to be the true hostess with the mostest. Plus, you should be able to enjoy your party, too!

Setting Up

Skip your usual party to-do list and focus on getting your flower arranging space ready. There’s some mess involved, so keep that in mind! You’ll also want to be sure your guests can be social with each other without barriers. If you are using name cards and placemats, start setting up each station.

If you want to prep the flowers ahead of time, go for it! If you do this, be sure to keep the flowers refrigerated until your guests arrive so they stay fresh. Trim any leaves that would fall below the water line. Keep the stems long so that guests can play with height.

Food & Drink

No party is complete without tasty snacks, refreshing drinks, and something sweet to top it all off. If you’re catering, of course you can relax a bit and skip this part.

For drinks, we recommend a chilled champagne or moscato. You could also do a crisp white wine, fresh mimosas, or a fun punch.

We recommend preparing light appetizers that are easy to throw together. As in, a cheese and meat tray, a fruit and veggie assortment, or a light dip with crackers.

Of course, us ladies know that no party can end without something sweet. Try baking cookies or mini cupcakes to please your guests’ sweet tooth.

Here are some recipes that would be perfect for your flower arranging party:

You can make all the above recipes in advance (yes, even the quiche). Refrigerate them until your party starts.



Flower Arranging

Now it’s time for you and your guests to create your floral arrangements!

Floral arranging should feel natural. There’s no right or wrong way to create the final arrangement, although we do have a few pointers!

  • You will want to add the greens first before any flowers, so start with those!
  • Always remember to pull off any leaves that will wind up in the water, so your flowers don’t get moldy.
  • Pick one focal flower to build the rest of your arrangement around. Place it anywhere!
  • The next flowers that you should add are the accent flowers. Feel free to play around with how they’re placed. This is your arrangement, after all!
  • Do a “360 check” when you’re finished so you can see the arrangement at all angles.
  • Above all else, have fun!




Why Do It All Yourself?

We know your flower arranging party would be great if it is totally “do-it-yourself”.

But all too often, as hostesses, we find ourselves not being able to actually relax and enjoy our own event.

At FloraVina, we want you to be able to enjoy 100% of your party, instead of only part of it.

FloraVina offers complete, start-to-finish flower arranging parties, perfectly suited for your next event. Our floral experts give you and your guests step-by-step guidance to create a lovely floral arrangement.

You can learn more about what we offer by clicking the link below!

Plan a Flower Arranging Party Today!

Flower Arranging Party: Success!

Whether you do it yourself or bring in the floral arranging experts, a flower arranging party is the perfect unique party idea. Your next event will be unforgettable!

Let us know in the comments below if you’re planning your own flower arranging party!




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